Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ssssso Nice To Sssssee You

One of my robotic reptillian characters, Rensis, who I believe I've mentioned in a previous post. I'm not too fond of his colour scheme at the moment so I'll most likely be changing it at some point.

The section that separates his hood from the rest of his body is where his "venom" is stored, and the tubes coming from it link up to his mouth and subsequently his fangs, which are retractable. His venom messes with the internal workings of other robots and causes them to malfunction, but he only bites others in emergencies. Personality-wise he's irritable and prefers to keep to himself, and doesn't seem to care much for his cocky younger brother and his high-strung younger sister.

Because I'm always changing things he looks quite a bit different to my earlier drawings of him, which I shall be sharing below.

This was the last picture I drew of him before this one. I didn't really like how his "hood" was looking and it was a little awkward to draw, so I ended up changing it to how it is now. My original idea was that he had a weapon of some sort concealed in it (most likely a large laser), but I ended up deciding that would probably end up making him a little top-heavy, so I scrapped that idea.

These are some fairly early drawings of him. As you can see his hood is much smaller here, but I gradually started to make it larger, to make him seem a little more intimidating. Here he's shown with his younger brother Wassat, who looks like this now:

I'm thinking of tweaking Wassat's design even more than I already have done since I first drew him, in particular his armour and his feet. He was the first robot character I designed and I was heavily influenced by the Megaman series of games, but a few people have noted that the influences are a little too obvious, so I want to make them a bit more subtle.

And last but not least, just so you can see just how much he's changed over the course of a year, this was one of my very first drawings of him.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Flyin' High

For my course, I had to do a series of short stop-motion animations to help reinforce my understanding of the principles of animation. I ended up making a small robot cut-out puppet, and one of the tasks involved making him jump on a trampoline - this was the result. I still have a few more animations to finish and then I'll be compiling them all into a single video, but I quite like how this one turned out, so I decided to share it anyway.