Sunday, December 01, 2013

Various Other Doodlings

And now for some drawings unrelated to robots. 

There was a post floating around on Tumblr about how you could tell when a shark was actually aiming to bite something, as they'd thrust their jaws out. The above picture was shown, and it looked so silly to me that I couldn't help but do a doodle.

He's the happiest shark in the world. :> So happy that he... apparently wants to bite something. Oh dear.

More TAC stuff up next. I'd been thinking about Tlun's species, and decided that he's actually pretty scrawny compared to the average. His pack ended up abandoning him as a result of it, and he ended up seeking refuge in an abandoned village and hasn’t really left it since. He got used to solitude, and so wasn’t very happy when it was disturbed by Zombie’s arrival during the events of TAC.

I don't think even Zombie would want to mess with the big guy on the left. (Biscuit probably would, though.)

Biro doodlings of some of my monster characters. I still haven't thought of a name for the weird dragon/mermaid hybrid.

With the newest series of Pokemon out, I couldn't help but doodle my new favourite final starter evolution, Chesnaught. What's not to like about a chesnut-themed bearded armadillo knight?

I found this saved on the laptop I usually use when I'm using the Cintiq and I can safely say I don't remember drawing it. I must have been so blinded by its beauty that my mind couldn't take it and repressed the memory.

And last but not least, a drawing of myself as a pepperoni pizza because why not. 

Super Fighting Robot(s)

As usual, I've been doing too many Megaman related doodlings, so figured I'd give them their own little post.

First up, a silly warm-up doodle of my more humanoid rendition of Hardman, looking rather peeved about something. I mucked about with brush settings in SAI for this one, giving it a bit of a weird texture. My friend says he's probably mad someone ate his panini.


Aaaaand here's Hardman actually looking like Hardman, being a lazy blighter as usual. Mucked about with brush settings again, leading another of my friends to say it looked like he'd been shaded with space.

Sometimes I like to pester my friends by drawing stupid pictures of their characters. Here we have a very manly Drill and a competition between Concrete and Tornado to see who can pull the most beautiful face. (Personally I think Tornado's winning.)

Doodlings of my more humanoid rendition of Hornet, along with a doodle of him and his brother Tornado. Sometimes I forget that in-game, Hornet has jets in his feet, which means he can technically fly, so here I was mucking about with that idea. Since his job involves working around humans and his ability of flight is mainly to help him get around the flower park where he works, I imagine he can't fly nearly as fast as Tornado.

And last but not least, a redraw of an older picture I drew of my helmetless version of Burstman. You can see the old version here, which was drawn roughly 2 years ago. I had no idea he'd changed so much since then. :'D

Monday, October 21, 2013

Three's Still A Crowd

It's been several months since I completed "Three's A Crowd", but I'm still frequently drawing the characters and their world. Zombie, Biscuit and Tlun all started off as completely separate characters with nothing to do with each other, but bringing them together for the purpose of my final film was a great decision and I'm thankful to my friends for giving me the idea. They all just work off each other so well, from their personalities to their colour schemes, and the TAC world is not one I've forgotten.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I got to try out a Cintiq, and this was another thing I drew with it. I wanted to muck about with perspective and stuff, and I'm happy with the results - so much so that I wish I'd been able to draw it earlier so I could have used it as a poster for the degree show! Ah well. Apparently, Zombie hasn't learned from the last time he pissed Tlun off.

Felt like drawing human Tlun for some reason, so I did. I think he needs to be more top-heavy and have white hair instead though, since he doesn't look enough like Tlun for my liking.

Zombie and Biscuit naptimes. Sometimes I feel like their horns are less like horns and more like ears.

Here Come The Girls

Every now and then I like to doodle Percy's genderbent equivalent, known as Persephone, and after a while I thought to myself: why not draw lady versions of all my robot guys? And thus, this came about. While mainly a creative exercise, it was also done in response to a bit of hubbub that'd been stirred up online - a member of the team working on Disney's "Frozen" had apparently claimed that female characters were difficult to animate and give distinguishing features, which of course bothered people because it's a load of tosh. 

While a source or context was never given for the quote, it admittedly bothered me too - I've always been annoyed that, for the most part, female characters don't have anywhere near the sort of diversity and variety in design that males do. There are exceptions, obviously (Sakura Oogami from the Japanese PSP game "Dangan Ronpa" is a good example because despite her unconventional appearance, she's an incredibly popular character amongst fans), but a lot of people seem to get into the mindset that women have to be conventionally attractive or appealing, which means the characters tend to end up pretty limited and same-y. Which, as someone who loves variety, is awful to see. 

So! With this image, I made it my goal to prove that female characters can have variety in body shape - by designing them no differently to how they're designed as male characters. Percy's a scruffy, messy, burly rambunctious guy - why would he be any different as a woman? Why should he lose his muscles and the overall feel of his character just because they're traits deemed "unattractive" in women? He shouldn't. Keeping the original feel of my guys whilst coming up with alternative appearances for them was a pretty fun challenge, and I'm happy with the results.

Various Doodlings

Aaaand now for some non-robot related drawings.

First off, some sort of... grinny tooth-y fish thing. I don't think it's actually capable of properly opening its mouth.

Zombie and Biscuit looking silly, because my characters just aren't my characters unless I regularly draw stupid versions of them.

A new misc was added to Team Fortress 2 recently known as the Pop-Eyes, which are now rivalling the googly eyes for my favourite cosmetic item for the Pyro. Here's the mercenary in question showing off his beautiful new eyes to the Scout.

And last but not least, here we have a very colourful dinosaur thing that probably can't stand up very well. I don't think many of my doodled creatures would be able to physically function in the real world.

Robots, Robots Everywhere

Despite saying it was time to get back into the swing of things about a month ago, I never actually did add any more posts. Methinks it's time I rectified that - this particular post will be focusing on a few doodles and drawings I've done of robots, mine or otherwise, over the past few months.

First up we have my guys in their semi-casual getup... only none of them really have much of an idea of what semi-casual means (or what fashion means; here's looking at you, big guy). Two of them are just wearing the same things they usually wear anyway. What a hopeless lot.

When Hard's not wearing ridiculously bright and gaudy outfits, he's usually too lazy to change out of his bodysuit when he deactivates his armour, so... he's wearing that. Those eyebrows of his are taking over his face, I swear.

Speaking of Hard and gaudy outfits, I made this silly little animation of him sitting down whilst forgetting that he weighs 3 tons. It's basically the animation equivalent of doodling, so it's nothing too complex, but I like how it turned out anyway. (Don't ask about the broccoli guy in the background - inside joke)

Ivan going for a little swim, which probably wouldn't be terribly advisable for a robot, but oh well. Maybe he's particularly watertight.

Silly size comparison thing, featuring my biggest character, my tiniest character and my skinniest character.

I realised there's still an unfortunate lack of art of Searchman, so I decided to rectify that the only way I know how: by drawing him looking stupid. (Really this was just a warm-up doodle.)

A scribble of Pumpman which was supposed to be my first warm-up doodle after having not used my tablet in a while, but it ended up more dynamic than things that I actually put effort into. My hands are fickle things it seems.

I can get away with made-up helmetless appearances for most robot masters, but Chargeman is one who doesn't really lend himself very well to that sort of thing (not least because his design is just plain silly). Still didn't stop me from coming up with a humanoid version based on my take on his personality. :^B He's a pretty thickly built guy who does a lot of heavy lifting and shipments as part of his job. He's also rather surly and looks down on slackers.

Silly warm-up doodle of some of the Megaman 3 guys. Can you believe these are supposed to be evil robots created by a mad scientist bent on world domination? 

More Searchman because Searchman is great. This was done on a Cintiq I was trying out, hence why the lines are a lot neater than usual. I accidentally made him a little too green though.

Initially just a doodle, but I like how it turned out. This is probably how Hard reacts when his brothers get annoyed at him after he playfully slaps them on the back and ends up knocking their head off by accident.

And we're finishing this post off with yet more Searchman. His colours are more accurate here, though I still have a habit of tweaking colour schemes from what they are officially.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Team Fortress Madness pt. 2

Between graduating, moving out and having to look for a job, I kind of fell out of updating this blog. Think it's time I got back into the swing of things!

As mentioned in my last post (has it really been 3 months, wow), I started taking TF2 loadout commissions, and managed to get a couple.

Here we have a very, very smug Demoknight. He had to be tweaked a fair amount of times during the earlier stages, but I'm happy with how he turned out.

While the main idea was to do purely loadout commissions, in one instance I was asked for a completely vanilla, sinister looking Spy. I think this turned out alright to say I don't have a lot of experience with drawing the Spy.

I'll be making a separate post for my more recent stuff, but for now, here are some doodlings from before I moved away from Stoke.

Here we have Percy doing a bit of stargazing. I absolutely love the aesthetics of silhouettes, so this was an excuse to experiment with them a little. 

Here's where things start to get a little confusing. This is my armourless/more humanoid interpretation of the robot master Pumpman, looking annoyed because he's a cranky old git who hates kids. His arms are very noodly and silly.

Yet more robot master "humanisations", this time Hardman, nonchalantly shooting his fist at poor Percy. (He probably deserved it.)

I'm not quite sure what this newt-y little thing is, but it's rather cute.

And last but not least, here's a silly doodle of my still-unnamed dragon/mermaid hybrid. He seems quite enthralled by his tail fin.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Team Fortress Madness

With my graduation date drawing ever closer, I've turned to commissions in order to make a bit more money whilst I look for a job, now that I don't have a loan to fall back on. Along with my regular commissions, I'm now taking TF2 loadout commissions, since people seem to love seeing their customisations drawn. 

The above drawing is my Scout, and I drew him out as an example of one of the types of pictures I'd be able to offer.

I also drew some icon examples, using my Pyro and my brother's Soldier. We're both now using them as our Steam icons. :P

He's A Large Ham, v.2

I decided to do something a little different to my usual warm-up doodlings, and decided to redo the shading on one of my older pieces instead, since it's been bugging me for a while now. I experimented with a new shading method while I was at it, which involved doing hard shading and then blending parts with the water tool in SAI, and I like this version a lot better than the old one.

Also doodled Ivan and Percy wearing shutter shades whilst being pink because... because? I'm not really sure. They were fun to draw, though.

Aaaand here we have a Burstman, also making use of the shading method mentioned earlier. Poor Burst isn't a terribly popular Robot Master and he's from a rather unpopular instalment in the series, but I think he's adorable.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Robots, Robots Everywhere

I've found coming up with more humanoid appearances for Robot Masters to be pretty fun, so here are a few more doodles of that.

I've posted this guy before, but here's Hornet again. I'd decided I wasn't too happy with how angular his face was, so I softened it a bit and tweaked his colours a little, to make him look warmer and friendlier. I also finally got the hang of drawing that darn hair of his.

Next up is a design I came up with for this guy, who's known as Hard. The original design's pretty thick and rounded, so I kept that aspect in his body type, but while also keeping him looking as though he could probably punch through a wall if he wanted to.

Also, as a bonus, here are some recent silly warm-up doodlings I've done.

Here we have a strange giraffe creature.

A monster that likes to hide its true face...

I'm not sure what this is, but it's kind of cute.

Some sort of brown-y pink crocodile thing...

...aaaaand a creature I used to doodle a lot in my early teens, that I named the "lesser toed Nog" for some reason.