Sunday, December 01, 2013

Various Other Doodlings

And now for some drawings unrelated to robots. 

There was a post floating around on Tumblr about how you could tell when a shark was actually aiming to bite something, as they'd thrust their jaws out. The above picture was shown, and it looked so silly to me that I couldn't help but do a doodle.

He's the happiest shark in the world. :> So happy that he... apparently wants to bite something. Oh dear.

More TAC stuff up next. I'd been thinking about Tlun's species, and decided that he's actually pretty scrawny compared to the average. His pack ended up abandoning him as a result of it, and he ended up seeking refuge in an abandoned village and hasn’t really left it since. He got used to solitude, and so wasn’t very happy when it was disturbed by Zombie’s arrival during the events of TAC.

I don't think even Zombie would want to mess with the big guy on the left. (Biscuit probably would, though.)

Biro doodlings of some of my monster characters. I still haven't thought of a name for the weird dragon/mermaid hybrid.

With the newest series of Pokemon out, I couldn't help but doodle my new favourite final starter evolution, Chesnaught. What's not to like about a chesnut-themed bearded armadillo knight?

I found this saved on the laptop I usually use when I'm using the Cintiq and I can safely say I don't remember drawing it. I must have been so blinded by its beauty that my mind couldn't take it and repressed the memory.

And last but not least, a drawing of myself as a pepperoni pizza because why not. 

Super Fighting Robot(s)

As usual, I've been doing too many Megaman related doodlings, so figured I'd give them their own little post.

First up, a silly warm-up doodle of my more humanoid rendition of Hardman, looking rather peeved about something. I mucked about with brush settings in SAI for this one, giving it a bit of a weird texture. My friend says he's probably mad someone ate his panini.


Aaaaand here's Hardman actually looking like Hardman, being a lazy blighter as usual. Mucked about with brush settings again, leading another of my friends to say it looked like he'd been shaded with space.

Sometimes I like to pester my friends by drawing stupid pictures of their characters. Here we have a very manly Drill and a competition between Concrete and Tornado to see who can pull the most beautiful face. (Personally I think Tornado's winning.)

Doodlings of my more humanoid rendition of Hornet, along with a doodle of him and his brother Tornado. Sometimes I forget that in-game, Hornet has jets in his feet, which means he can technically fly, so here I was mucking about with that idea. Since his job involves working around humans and his ability of flight is mainly to help him get around the flower park where he works, I imagine he can't fly nearly as fast as Tornado.

And last but not least, a redraw of an older picture I drew of my helmetless version of Burstman. You can see the old version here, which was drawn roughly 2 years ago. I had no idea he'd changed so much since then. :'D