Thursday, February 06, 2014

And Everything Else

Aaaand now for the second half of my revival post. I've been doing some designwork for Carse & Waterman, but they'd like me to keep things under wraps for now, so here are some non-work drawings.

First off, this is something I drew for my brother for Christmas. It's of his Gryphon character, Rhys, and I had it printed onto a mousemat for him so it'd also have a practical use. It was pretty cool seeing my artwork printed onto a physical object, and the present was a nice surprise for him.

Hard all sad and covered in dust and cobwebs. Basic story behind this is that he's stubborn - very, very stubborn, and after getting into some arguments with the 'bots in charge, claimed he could do fine without repairs and maintenance. He was fine for a while, but eventually the strain put on his parts due to his size and weight caused his body to just stop responding one day, leaving him unable to move at all. Still too stubborn for his own good, he refused to alert his brothers and had to wait until they got concerned and came looking for him. Which, considering he was known to stay in sleep mode for months at a time, would be a while.

My Tyrantrum in my copy of Pokemon Y, Chompy. I love my giant prissy dinosaur.

Pizzawoman, my made-up robot master from the "draw yourself as a RM" challenge of last year. I was really happy with her design, so it seemed a shame to only have that one picture of her.

Silly TF2 comic making fun of the fact I have a habit of accidentally pressing the wrong voice commands, leading to me accusing my teammates of being spies instead of thanking them. 

The Z and X keys are too close to each other.

Some sort of weird half-and-half idea I got involving Ivan and Percy as their robot selves. Since they started out as ideas for how I'd imagine the two Searchman heads to look if they had humanoid appearances under the helmets, I figured I'd do a comparison thing showing their helmet on one side and their helmetless look on the other.

Background texture is from here.

My friend made a silly GIF of his character's eyebrows rotating, so in response I made a silly GIF of Hard stealing said eyebrows to add to his own. 

Basically I just made it to make fun of how huge I draw Hard's eyebrows.

Cute Hornet doodle done with the binary brush. Gave coloured lines another try and ended up with an almost sprite-ish look. I haven't made a sprite in ages; I ought to have another go sometime.

Trying out Posemaniacs here. I don't do life drawing as often as I should and it shows. :c

Repeating Searchman background made for my Tumblr. These guys are too much fun to draw.

And last but not least, I forgot to put these in my last post, so here are some very beautiful doodles of Ivan and Airman.

Revival Of The Doodles

Whoops, fell out of updating this blog again. Think it's time I changed that, not least because I'm planning on redoing one of the animations I did for my course, "Percy's Breakfast Adventure". Gonna be using this blog to post updates on my progress, just like old times. :'>

Here are some quick sketches done for the animatic, in which we see that neither Ivan nor Percy are really morning people.

The focus of this post will mostly be on doodles for now - I'll post the more elaborate stuff in a separate one.

Percy being... Percy? I'm not even sure. I think I just wanted to draw stupid expressions.

Same with this one. Hard really needs to trim those eyebrows of his, they're taking up his whole forehead.

Hard as a rubber duck. This is the fault of one of my friends.

I rediscovered an old tutorial on how to digitally paint bubbles and messed around with them. I was originally going to outline Burst and give him his regular colours, but I liked how the sketch looked too much, so I messed around with colours instead.

Turboman is fun to draw. His "eyes" are basically red LEDs on a visor, so I imagine he can do some pretty stupid things with them.

Further proof, if needed, that I draw some of the least threatening monsters ever. I feel like they'd all probably have a hard time moving about.

And last but not least, a quick Diveman doodle because his design is growing on me. He's a Russian robot and though he doesn't have a speaking role in Megaman 4, I can't help but imagine him to sound like the Heavy from TF2.