Monday, July 04, 2011

Bird Brain

It was my brother's 17th birthday a few days ago, so I drew him a picture of one of his characters, named Rhys, as a present. It's been a while since I inked and coloured something traditionally, and honestly, I think it shows. I've just gotten used to digitally colouring sketches. He's supposed to be more of a grey-ish colour, but the reference picture I had when I was drawing this was fairly old, so he ended up much more blue than he's meant to be.

But anyway, the reason he looks so sour is because he can't fly. And also because he was initially supposed to be a magpie but ended up looking very little like one, which has resulted in an inside joke between my brother and I in which other characters are constantly getting his species wrong, calling him things like "the pigeon" or "the parrot" or "the wagtail".


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