Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back In Action

Been a while since my last update, and that's partly because I've been back at home, and partly down to holiday laziness. But with classes and things starting up again this week, now's a good a time as any to get back into the habit of updating.

I do have a bunch of drawings I have yet to post, so I'll fit them all into this entry first, and then get onto the details of my final year project in a separate post.

First up, we have a particularly odd looking, apparently berry themed warm-up doodle. I'm... honestly not sure what to say about it.

For something only slightly less odd looking, here we have the still unnamed dragon/mermaid thing who began life as a warm-up doodle. I was mostly experimenting with markings and things here, but I think I like him better without them. I think I also like his wings better when they're a little smaller and don't have that extra third membrane attaching to his back.

Next up we have what is essentially me as a Robot Master from the Megaman series. There was a little challenge of sorts going on that prompted this, and I decided to base my robot on an aspect of me that most people who know me are familiar with - my rather large love of pizza. And thus, Pizzawoman was born. ...Er, built.

She was created to cook pizzas, and the large box on her back is a way of expelling large amounts of heat and preventing her from overheating, seeing as she's cooking almost constantly.

Moving onto something Pokemon related, Gen 6 was recently announced, and I loved the designs of the starters so much that I decided to have another go at a lineless piece. The lack of eyes was partly experimental and partly because I couldn't get the eyes they were supposed to have to cooperate, but it works with the style, I guess.

And last but not least, here's a drawing inspired by a picture I saw on Tumblr, which was basically two Pokemon sprites (Wailord and Whiscash) combined to create this jolly looking fellow.


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Loving the berry themed warm up doodle

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