Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three's Nearly A Crowd pt. 4

Been doing some work on Biscuit's rig, although I've been back home for Easter, so I haven't been able to get it properly finished just yet. Biscuit doesn't show up in the animation as much as Zombie and Tlun do, so hopefully her needing less parts will mean getting her rigs and things completed won't take too much time.

This was when I was getting the lineart and stuff done, but because the pieces weren't coloured in yet, the lines overlap each other. I thought it looked kind of amusing so I got a screenshot of it.

This is what it looks like underneath Biscuit's upper head. Got a screenshot of it partly because it's amusing, and partly because it reminds me of a similar thing that happened with the rig I made for my Onomatopoeia animation, as shown below.

I have the PLE version of Toon Boom on my laptop, so I had to use that to make sure that Biscuit's pieces and things worked okay - I'll have to redo the rigging process properly the next time I have access to one of the studio Macs. Here's another amusing screenshot from when I'd imported Biscuit's pieces.

And, last but not least, here's the rig itself and the pieces it has at the moment. I'll likely make an alternate rig for when she attacks Tlun at the end and she's also going to need some replacements so she can lower her head, but for now, this should do fine.


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