Monday, October 21, 2013

Robots, Robots Everywhere

Despite saying it was time to get back into the swing of things about a month ago, I never actually did add any more posts. Methinks it's time I rectified that - this particular post will be focusing on a few doodles and drawings I've done of robots, mine or otherwise, over the past few months.

First up we have my guys in their semi-casual getup... only none of them really have much of an idea of what semi-casual means (or what fashion means; here's looking at you, big guy). Two of them are just wearing the same things they usually wear anyway. What a hopeless lot.

When Hard's not wearing ridiculously bright and gaudy outfits, he's usually too lazy to change out of his bodysuit when he deactivates his armour, so... he's wearing that. Those eyebrows of his are taking over his face, I swear.

Speaking of Hard and gaudy outfits, I made this silly little animation of him sitting down whilst forgetting that he weighs 3 tons. It's basically the animation equivalent of doodling, so it's nothing too complex, but I like how it turned out anyway. (Don't ask about the broccoli guy in the background - inside joke)

Ivan going for a little swim, which probably wouldn't be terribly advisable for a robot, but oh well. Maybe he's particularly watertight.

Silly size comparison thing, featuring my biggest character, my tiniest character and my skinniest character.

I realised there's still an unfortunate lack of art of Searchman, so I decided to rectify that the only way I know how: by drawing him looking stupid. (Really this was just a warm-up doodle.)

A scribble of Pumpman which was supposed to be my first warm-up doodle after having not used my tablet in a while, but it ended up more dynamic than things that I actually put effort into. My hands are fickle things it seems.

I can get away with made-up helmetless appearances for most robot masters, but Chargeman is one who doesn't really lend himself very well to that sort of thing (not least because his design is just plain silly). Still didn't stop me from coming up with a humanoid version based on my take on his personality. :^B He's a pretty thickly built guy who does a lot of heavy lifting and shipments as part of his job. He's also rather surly and looks down on slackers.

Silly warm-up doodle of some of the Megaman 3 guys. Can you believe these are supposed to be evil robots created by a mad scientist bent on world domination? 

More Searchman because Searchman is great. This was done on a Cintiq I was trying out, hence why the lines are a lot neater than usual. I accidentally made him a little too green though.

Initially just a doodle, but I like how it turned out. This is probably how Hard reacts when his brothers get annoyed at him after he playfully slaps them on the back and ends up knocking their head off by accident.

And we're finishing this post off with yet more Searchman. His colours are more accurate here, though I still have a habit of tweaking colour schemes from what they are officially.


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