Monday, April 11, 2011

Bird Brain

Hoopoes are one of my favourite kinds of birds. They just have such a gorgeous colour scheme and I just love their overall appearance, especially that distinctive crest of theirs. So it's only natural that I'd base a character on one at some point.

This particular character started off as a doodle I did on the back of a quiz sheet in the lounge on campus earlier today. I had no intentions of making a new character when I drew him, but I kinda liked how he looked, so when I got home I drew him again, only a little more seriously.

This was the result. I'll probably change his head a little as I'm not entirely pleased with it, but apart from that, he's quite fun to draw. He doesn't have a name just yet, but I'm leaning towards "Dirk".


laurendorling said...

Have you seen the Regular Show? This fella reminds me a lot of Mordecai. Btw, if you haven't seen it then YOU NEED TO. It's genius.

Chloe J. Brown said...

I haven't seen it before, but you're not the first to comment on a similarity. I can see the resemblance. :P

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