Saturday, April 02, 2011

Samantha - Early Animations

This was the first ever test I did with Samantha's old rig. It's nothing too special as I was mostly getting adjusted to the software, but having never done this sort of thing before, I liked the results anyway.

It was after I tried to do a walk cycle that I decided that redoing her rig would be a good idea, as the gap problem mentioned in my previous post made this fairly tricky to do.

This was the first test I did with her new rig, which was much more expressive than her old one. This one had three interchangeable heads, could blink, move her pupils, show either the back or palm of her hands, and move her claws (though this isn't shown in this particular test). I was also happier with this one aesthetically, as it was much less flat than before.

Though this was mostly me having fun with the camera (obviously the movements will be less... elaborate in the final piece), this is a good example of how much more expressive Samantha's new rig was.


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