Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some Concepts - Samantha

These were the first drawings I did of Samantha. As you can see she doesn't look a whole lot different to how she does now. Ordinarily I go through a fair amount of concept designs before I settle on something I like, but with Sammy it just came almost instantly (although that might be partly because I based her on an existing character of mine). My tutor suggested changing her feet as they looked a little too much like hooves, and also to perhaps modify her hands a little so they could show a little bit more emotiveness.

After tweaking her look accordingly, this was her first rig. However, it was fairly limited in that her pupils were permanently fixed in the same place and she couldn't blink, and the way I'd made her parts meant that if she bent her legs a certain way, there would be a triangle-shaped gap.


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