Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catching Up

It's been a while since my last post on this blog. Quiiiiite a while. Posting all the things I've done over the course of the past year would take up a lot of time and space, but there are a few things that I want to post, so... here goes, I guess.

First off, since my last post was a picture of Tlun, I figured I ought to post a picture I did of him not long after that one. While in the older image he looked cheeky and mischievous, it didn't take long for him to get... not so cheeky and mischievous. He's a lot more reserved and intimidating in appearance now, as this picture shows. I do most of my digital painting in a program called Paint Tool SAI now, and I think this was the last image that I drew and painted in Photoshop. I did a fair bit of experimenting during this, including fur textures and making it look as though he's in a snowstorm.

The only problem with the latter effect was that it hid a lot of detail, so I saved a second version without the snow.

Next up we have a little something I drew as part of an art trade with one of my friends over in America. We had a little "winter" theme going on, which was the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with something I love- contrasting oranges with blues in cold scenes. Winter is my favourite season because of the atmosphere it creates, and trying to capture that atmosphere was pretty fun. Even though it's almost a year old now, I'm still pretty pleased with it.

Yet more Megaman, and a picture that I'm also still pleased with. Drawing so many characters in one picture took a while, but I had fun shading them all and getting them to all sort of subtly interact with each other and/or react to what was going on.

Another Megaman picture, and an experiment with painting a background based on the level in the game that the character's from. I'm not happy with the results because I think there's too much going on, but the experimentation was interesting.

A picture I drew for another of my American friends, of her alien character, Luna. He's basically a giant space slug, so making him all shiny was pretty fun.

A picture I drew for yet another of my American friends, which I had a lot of fun doing. Something I've always struggled with has been variation in face/head shapes, and I think this was the start of me overcoming that weakness.

And now we've gotten to the more recent stuff, and I think this picture is probably one of the best examples I have that shows that I've stopped drawing everyone with the same overly-stylized face/body shapes and have started having variety in my drawings. This was a picture I drew for - you guessed it - another of my American friends, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Aaaaand that's most of the catching up over and done with. I still have a bunch of recent pictures that I want to post, but I'm going to give them their own posts, because... well, they're recent. :P


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