Friday, October 26, 2012

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle, Version 2

A few days ago we had tutorial sessions with our tutors, where we showed our work so far and were told what things we could improve on. Most of my stuff didn't need too much in the way of editing - my 9 Prepositions animation just needed some of the sound adjusting slightly, and the order of the clips changed a little so that it's more obvious straight away that they're all done in varying styles, while my Onomatopoeia animation just needed a bit more anticipation before Biscuit jumps after being startled by the bubble.

For the ident, my friend and I were told that it wasn't very obvious that the circles were in water, and he suggested having some more of the ripples while there are tadpoles on screen and to also make some of them sort of pulsate, just to get a bit more of a watery effect. Unfortunately though, he wasn't sure how to get the desired colour effect on Toon Boom either.

With the help of Adobe After Effects, we made it a lot more obvious that there was water involved, and while we still weren't able to achieve the effect we wanted originally, we were able to add a bit more contrast between the colours.


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