Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tiny Planet

Almost forgot to post this! This was the animation I made towards the end of my second year, for the "Tiny Planet" brief.

Basically, we had to make an animation set on a planet based on some sort of aspect of us. I decided to base mine on my indecisiveness, and the fact that I tend to hop between ideas a lot. What I ended up with was essentially a "pizza planet", made up of several different "slices" (as my tutor and I referred to them as) that a hapless little fellow was going to have to go through to get to some (unfortunately sentient) pizza, seeing as though the direct path there was being blocked by none other than Tlun.

There are a few things I wish I'd done differently (I think I should have swapped the order of the slices around a little and had the sea monster do more than just pop up and grin), but overall it's one of my favourite finished animations.

It also won me third place out of about 50 entries in my uni's Animation Bites Festival!

Also, here's a little test animation I did with Tlun's rig.


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