Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Now for something much more recent - this was an animation my friend and I finished up today. The brief was to work in groups of 2 to make an ident for our faculty, using one of three given soundtracks.

My friend and I decided to make use of the dots in the logo by making them into tadpole-like things and having them all gradually come onto the screen in one big mass.

My original idea was that as the tadpoles passed each other, they'd be a little transparent so new colours and things would be made, like in the logo. After a bit of experimentation in Photoshop I found that setting the layers to "multiply" gave the desired effect, similar to this image we were given relating to the logo.

The overall sort of look we were aiming for when there are lots of tadpoles on-screen was something like this:

But unfortunately, we weren't sure how to actually get that effect in ToonBoom, as the layer properties generally don't carry through from Photoshop. We ended up messing with transparency and colour modules to get a similar sort of look, but without all the contrast. Still, I think if we'd manage to go through with the original idea, then much of the screen would probably have been black, so what we finished with works.


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