Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robots Out The Wazoo

Character line-up time! And yet more evidence of my gradual improvement with varied facial/body shapes, although as you can probably tell, I still need to work on drawing legs. (Also the bearded guy is the worst drawn of the lot, pretend he isn't there.)

These are basically my own takes on more humanoid versions of various Megaman characters (my interpretations of them anyway, as the characters have next to no official in-game information) - or at least, that's what they were originally. I've gotten so attached to them that I want to remove what little remains of their Megaman-y aspects and make them into my own characters - something I've already done with two of them, as I'm going to be using them for an animation for my course. To be honest, they barely resemble what they were initially based on these days.


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