Friday, February 22, 2013

Bubbly Personality

One of my American friends and I started talking about how some of our favourite characters from the Megaman series are pretty unpopular, and how sad it was that barely anybody drew them. So, we both decided to try to alleviate that fact at least a little bit and ended up agreeing to draw Burstman. :P

This was my picture, which I honestly made up as I went along, but it was fun to experiment with using really thick lines and having more of a variation in line thickness than I usually do. I couldn't decide whether I liked him coloured or not, so I ended up keeping both pictures. 

Burst is adorable, I'm really not sure why more people don't like him. Probably because Megaman 7 isn't a terribly popular instalment in the series. Shame, since it's pretty fun.


Laura Weston Art said...

Love that you are trying new things with your line work. Looks really good. L ;-)

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