Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yep, Three's Still A Crowd

Got my fourth (and hopefully final) animatic done today. I was also in the sound studio providing some voices for my friend's animation, so I decided to take the opportunity to use the remaining time the studio was booked for to record a few more sounds, mostly for Zombie. I'm still probably going to have to use sound effects from the internet for most of the barks and things, but it's nice to have a few sounds of my own, too. For now though, the music and a bunch of the sounds are just placeholders.

Anyway, I completely redid the middle section and added in a few new things. Some of the same gags from before are still present - like Zombie jumping onto Tlun's head - but hopefully the scenes in between those make the whole thing a little more seamless. I made use of some suggestions I got during rushes, such as having the tail have a life of its own when it's detached from Zombie, and having Tlun and Zombie seem to make up a little at the end, and I think it's pretty close to being finalised now, if not already.

There are a few things I'll want to change a little bit in the actual animation itself - mostly things like a few camera angles and whatnot, and after Tlun seems to jump on Zombie, I'm probably going to make it so it turns out he'd just grabbed shedded skin (since Zombie is essentially a lizard puppy). That was an idea I got when I'd already imported everything into Storyboard Pro and adjusted it accordingly, so I won't be calling the animatic completely finalised, since I know I'll be tweaking things and coming up with new little ideas while I'm working on the final thing.


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