Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My day didn't consist of much other than speaking with my tutor about my DPR and then working on my updated animatic again, but no reason to not get into the spirit of things! 

These are some pictures I drew for some of my non-UK dwelling friends, since they're very fond of Ivan and Percy, to put it lightly. :P They're in their usual robotic forms here - I only really drew them as humans for my comedy brief animation, since the premise wouldn't have worked if they were robots. 

I was originally going to colour and shade them in my usual way, but then I ended up experimenting with a more camouflage-y style of colouring, and I like the results - I think it works with the sketchy lines. I'll probably use it again at some point. 

There was originally text on the images, but it didn't really make sense unless you were familiar with the characters, so for the sake of putting it here, I removed it.


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