Monday, February 11, 2013

The Magic of Doodling

Drawings outside of my uni work have admittedly been a bit sparse as of late - I've been suffering with a bit of a nasty art block. Thankfully, I seem to be over it now. Nothing like a load of silly doodlings to get me back on track.

This was a result of me messing around with different brush settings in SAI, and also testing out the stabiliser tool, which lets you draw more slowly but whilst still retaining smooth, non-wobbly lines. Considering that I work in very quick strokes though, it's not really for me. 

Doodle of one of my old Neopets. I have no idea what he's looking at.

A Burstman of sorts. I say "of sorts" because this is my idea of how my rendition of him would look if he had a more humanoid head.

Onto some Team Fortress 2 doodlings, here we have a Soldier, doing...

...I'm not sure what he's doing. But from the looks of things, he's considering lodging that pickaxe into someone's skull.

Scout's accent isn't really like that, but for the sake of stupid doodles, it is here. He also apparently has very bushy eyebrows. And goofy teeth. (Which honestly he seems to have normally, only not that prominently.)

This was me messing about with a little painting of sorts done on one layer. The Pyro's mask is still tricky to draw.

And last but certainly not least as far as non-uni drawings are concerned, a doodle of Demoman trampling Scout's crops. Who isn't really a farmer, but this was just a silly inside joke between my brother and I, born as a result of Minecraft shenanigans.


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