Friday, February 15, 2013

That New Animatic Smell

After some problems with Storyboard Pro making images too large and then making them disappear when the file was next opened, and then exporting things a lot quicker than they seemed when played in the program, I finally got my updated animatic finished. It's a lot better than my initial one - here, the characters have more motive (so Biscuit doesn’t seem to just come completely out of nowhere), and I attempted to vary the pace a little more.

However, while I’m happy with the first and last sections, I feel it still kind of falls flat in the middle. When Tlun first arrives now, it's frantic for a moment, almost tense - and then that tenseness just vanishes and it gets a bit slow up until he tries to attack Zombie at the end. I’m probably going to completely redo the middle section - from the part where Zombie scrabbles up the side of the hut to Tlun stepping in what is presumably Zombie’s poo - so that it works better with the other sections, and helps to build up to the ending more.

There’s a few seconds of nothing at the start because of problems with iMovie, but the animatic itself should be fine. The sound effects and things are still placeholders, and I still need to find a suitable soundtrack, so that it's less empty.


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