Friday, March 08, 2013

Here At The Flower Temple

Today I decided to take a break from making rigs for my final film, and got to work on some backgrounds for the animation three of my friends and I are doing for our external brief, instead. We're doing an animated music video for a song called "The Flower Temple" by Aaron Gwynaire, and we decided that we wanted it to have a home-made feel, since it suited the tone of the song. Not long afterwards, we bought a bunch of things like felt and buttons, scanned them in, and created flowers and whatnot with them.

To start off with, I gathered a few pictures of Amazon rainforests for reference and to get an idea of what the location of the temple might look like.

Then I made a little thumbnail of how the background could possibly look, using the temple that Adam Poole had made as a placeholder. (It was originally the final design for the temple, but at the last minute Aaron decided it wasn't what he envisioned in the song, so we're currently waiting on him to get back to us about how he wanted it.)

Here's a little screenshot I took while it was in the early stages. I only took a screenshot of a portion of the image, since the rest of it was pretty empty.

Another progress screenshot...

...Aaaaand here's the finished thing. To say I don't do backgrounds very often, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. In the animation itself, the camera is going to zoom in past the flowers and leaves and things, which will part as it does so, and there'll be a wall of flowers blocking the view of the temple until they disperse.

This weekend I'm hopefully going to get a few backgrounds for my final film done, too. I tend to avoid drawing backgrounds, so I'm hoping to get better at doing them.


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