Thursday, March 07, 2013

Some Doodlings

Time for a few little drawings I've done when not working on rigs.

This was something I did for a little art challenge that was going around Tumblr, where you're linked to a random generator site and it gives you a random Pokemon. You then have to draw that Pokemon three times, but in a way that each looks like a different, unique characte while still being identifiable. I got Snubbull, and these were the designs I ended up with. It's a neat little exaggeration/character design exercise, so I'll probably be doing this again at some point.

There's a funny little story behind these ones. The first drawing was initially a little monster I'd doodled, and I'd given it a silly face, as I'm wont to do. But then I decided that it wasn't actually a face - rather, a pattern on its stomach that just looks like a face. My friend then doodled the little jumpy rock-like creatures, and we decided that the monster preyed on the little rocks, but was too slow and cumbersome to actually catch them. So, it lures them over instead, since they're curious little things, and then tries to get them when it thinks it's close enough.

I'd also done a silly scribbly little doodle of my dragon/mermaid creature, and another of my friends said I should give it Percy's face just for the fun of it. I took that one step further and drew a mermaid Percy, because... well, why not?

I then doodled Splashwoman next to him, because she's supposed to be the only mermaid Robot Master. :>

And last but not least, some silly warm-up doodles I did of Zombie in different styles. He's a chubby little thing, so I decided to see how he'd look if he was more spindly and lizard-like.


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