Thursday, March 07, 2013

Three's Nearly A Crowd pt.2

For something more recent, I'm currently working on Tlun's rig. He's the character who'll need the second most amount of parts, so once I've finished him, Biscuit's will hopefully be a little easier to do.

Here's a progress picture and the finished pieces for the rig. There are still a few things I need to make, such as different eye shapes, but I can do those in a separate file and add them in a little later. Like Zombie, he doesn't have any mouths drawn up, since I'll be drawing them on in Toon Boom so that I can get a better range of shapes.

He has a complete head underneath his headgear, and there are replacements on some of them so that they can be shown lifting up more easily. Right now I'm getting the individual layers into their own groups, and in the next few hours I can hopefully get him rigged up and tested out.


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