Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some WIPs

Here’s another test for the opening scene - this time I’ve changed the camera movements and added a bit of the soundtrack to see how it goes with the opening. The title is a placeholder, and there’s likely going to be a cross-fade transition into the next scene, so Biscuit’s very basic movements shouldn’t be too noticeable. 

I’m also thinking of adding something flying across the top of the screen in the distance, since it seems a bit empty at the moment.

And here’s a WIP for scene 5, in which Zombie is playing in the snow before noticing the village in the distance (although I haven’t gotten up to that point yet). The background’s just a placeholder for now, and I put a bit of a blue overlay over it to unify the colours a little more. I’ll likely be doing this for all the scenes.

Continuing my tradition of posting amusing rig mishaps and silly faces in between keyframes, have these, too. Zombie and Biscuit are now giants, apparently.


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