Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Got the background done for the opening scene. The backgrounds after this probably won't be as elaborate since the focus will be more on the characters, but this is going to be a landscape shot to give an idea of how vast and empty the setting is at the beginning. Considering scenery and landscape isn't something I usually do, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

This was a little test animation I did with it. This was mostly done to see how the different pieces would look when moving together - the camera movements in the actual thing will be different and most likely slower. I'm planning on having the name of the animation on-screen for a few seconds, before having it fade out and then having the camera zoom in to where Zombie and Biscuit are, who'll be just coming over a hill in the middle part of the background.

In order to add the trees, I drew a few pine trees with several series of strokes, and then made each one into a brush.

Here's what I have for the second background. I had to make the trees coloured instead of black so that the outlines of the characters wouldn’t blend into them, but I’m not sure I like how it looks just yet, so if needs be I might have to change the colours a little.

Aaaand here's a test I did for the second background, although it won’t really need to be animated, since I ended up changing my mind about what I wanted to use it for. My initial idea was to use it for both the closeup of Biscuit being worn out and the scene before Zombie runs off to play, but I think I’m just going to use it for the closeup instead - which means most of the trees will be hidden behind the characters, so there might not be a need to tweak the colours.

The third background for after Biscuit drops Zombie will likely be more snow-y and less tree-y, partly so there's less work to do for the background (since Zombie and Biscuit are the main focus anyway).


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