Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Buzz Buzz

I seem to have a habit of humanizing Megaman characters. Or at least, keeping them as robots, but designing humanoid appearances for them based around what I think their personality would be like.

This one's Hornet, who I started drawing yesterday, and he's already a favourite of mine. He's very lanky, cheerful and just overall a sweet guy. He was created as a horticulture robot, so he has a pretty extensive knowledge on flowers and things. The bandanna he wears was given to him by a child at the flower park where he used to work, and he keeps it as a fond memento, wearing it whenever he's not in his armour no matter how badly it goes with his clothes.

The numbers are just there to show what order I did the doodles in.

Edit: Went over one of the doodles and coloured it digitally. :>


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