Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Getting The Ball Rolling

Got some progress done for the first scene. Unfortunately I'm a little bit limited as to what I can do for the first scene for now, as I need their voices so I can get timings right and do the lip-syncing and whatnot. I did have someone in mind to voice Percy, but I they haven't been around in the studio for a while now and I don't have any way to contact them, so I might have to find someone else instead. Still not really sure about a voice for Ivan, as I don't really have a specific idea in my head of how he sounds.

Overall I'm not really happy with the results of this - there were a bunch of things I probably could have done to avoid needing to animate the bowl separately, but it took a lot of starting over until I got it to move with his head in a way that I was satisfied with. Getting his movements right isn't really a priority though, as Ivan will likely distract from them when I add him in anyway.


Laura Weston Art said...

Nice work Chloe!

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