Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Considering I took Graphics at GCSE, I should really have a better grasp on one point perspective than I do. But backgrounds aren't really something I draw very often, so I'm very, very out of practice.

...As you can probably tell from this horrendous first attempt. My goal was to create a kitchen background for my Comedy Brief animation, as I've made quite a few changes to what's going to happen after getting some feedback from my tutors. They essentially said that I should really be trying to get as much as I can feasibly and reasonably manage into my 1 minute time limit (argh rhyming), and made a few suggestions as to what could be changed.

My updated version will focus more on Percy, with Ivan feeling a little bitter that he has to go to work while his brother just lazes about in his underwear, and on his way out makes a quip about him not even being able to make a bowl of cereal. Percy takes the challenge and, once his brother has left, heads straight into the kitchen to get started.

After a montage/time-lapse scene of sorts in which Percy messes with blenders, opens every cupboard and door in the kitchen, scratches his butt with a spatula, somehow sets himself on fire temporarily and all sorts of other things, he finally manages it.

When Ivan comes home from work, he finds his brother in the exact same position as he'd been in before he'd left, only with an upturned, half-eaten bowl of cereal on his head instead of a bowl of Cheetos, and a spatula lying next to the sofa. ...And smoke billowing out of the kitchen.

While I was initially hesitant to move the focus away from the two brothers interacting with each other, I think this new idea will be a lot more fun to work on, and there'll be a lot more opportunities for gags and slapstick and whatnot.

I really wanted to get the background to look right, so after one other failed attempt and some help from my friend, I ended up with this, which is much better than my first one. While my first background has far too much floorspace and makes the room look like it's a funny shape, this one (while currently lacking in basic things like a cooker and a microwave) actually looks like an apartment kitchen.

The background is going to be done linelessly, but here's a colour test to finish this post off.


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