Friday, November 16, 2012

Testing Testing 1 2 3

‘Nother WIP using the placeholder voice to practice a bit of lip-syncing. I’m not really happy with Ivan’s walk cycle (he moves too quickly so it’s hard to actually see his mouth and facial movements, and the cycle itself is veeeery sloppy - he has no knees, for pete's sake), but I’m going to redo it when I get a proper voice clip for him. For now it’s just practice, since I haven’t done lip-syncing or walk cycles in a while.

Also, I just realised that there’s a much longer gap at the start than there is in my animatic - this video is about 7 seconds long, and in the animatic, Ivan had already tipped him out of the sofa in that time, so I'll probably have to cut it a bit.

Edit: Couple of notes to myself about fixing the walk cycle, so I don't forget them:

  • Leg needs to bend a little as he’s lifting it up
  • Might need to add another deformer to his foot, that needs to bend too
  • Don’t make the leg lifting too elaborate, he’s striding, not running
  • Move the peg with each step, don’t set a keyframe at one end and one at the other, it makes the walk look too slippery
  • Watch the part near the end where his legs are temporarily visible before he goes off-screen, don’t wanna make it too obvious that his lower legs and feet aren’t actually moving while they’re obscured by the sofa
  • arms move along with the leg opposite to them - when the right leg goes forwards, the left arm goes forwards too etc.

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