Friday, November 09, 2012

Updated Animatic

Just finished the second version of my animatic, which has a lot more going on than my first one did. I had to cut one or two little things out in order to fit the time constraint, but I managed to get it to a minute exactly and I'm happy with the results. As with my first animatic, the voices are just placeholders until I get some proper ones. I recorded them in my room with my phone and I was trying not to talk too loudly, so the voice-acting isn't great, but hopefully they convey the right sort of emotion anyway.

For comparison, this was my first animatic (and the voice-acting is even worse because again, I was trying not to talk too loudly so my housemates didn't think I was talking to myself :P). There aren't really very many gags in it, so I think the new version is going to be a lot more fun to animate.


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